One Tree Hill College - REP Graduation 2020


At the recent REP Graduation Ceremony attended by parents, tutors, teachers and sponsors, students received certificates and books courtesy of The Penrose Rotary Club.  In front of a very supportive gathering, students were required to give speeches to express their individual gratitude to both sponsors and tutors.  All present, were incredibly impressed with the presentations and the growth in confidence of the students that had developed during their time on REP.  Parents of the students were extremely proud of their children’s success and enthusiastically expressed their support of the programme. As one parent said, “I am so pleased that my daughter was selected for the REP programme. I can see the difference in her attitude towards work. She has enjoyed her time on it”.  The high point of the graduation was the presentation of the David Levene Top Student Award. On receiving her award, recipient Malia Lupe Vatuvei said, “I was so proud to be awarded this top student award and thank the David Levene Foundation and the Penrose Rotary Club for enabling this programme to be at our school”.  It’s safe to say that this enrichment programme coordinated by Mr Brian Langdon provides the finest education and skills to the young students at our college. Mr Langdon himself acknowledges that seeing the students being rewarded for their hard work is pleasing, and he hopes the Penrose Rotary Club and other sponsors back the continuation of the REP programme at OTHC.